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Vol 23, Issue 3,2033

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Vol 3, Issue 5,2099

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Vol 123, Issue 23,2023

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Vol 2, Issue 4,2023

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Vol 11, Issue 2,2022

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Vol 11, Issue 1,2022

This paper is a comparative survey of the National Food Safety Systems (NFSS) of the European Union (EU) Member-States (MS) and the Central EU level. The main organizational structures of the NFSS, their legal frameworks, their responsibilities, their experiences, and challenges relating to food safety are discussed. Growing concerns about food saf...

By Andreas Hadjigeorgiou, Elpidoforos S. Soteriades, Anastasios Philalithis, Anna Psaroulaki, Yiannis Tselentis, Achilleas Gikas

Natural polyphenols, ferulic acid (FA) and hesperetin (Hp) were tested for their Fe3+-reducing power, using the TPTZ methodology, as a first step to rank them according to their antioxidant potential. Ranking also included quercetin (Qt), a very well-studied natural, polyphenolic antioxidant, and ascorbic acid (AA). All phenolics considered were al...

By Marie Aoun, Dimitris P Makris

Na Ugovor o pružanju servisa broj  od dana 25.12.2022. godine između gore navedenih Ugovorenih strana (u daljem tesktu osnovni Ugovor), ugovorene strane, pod istim uslovima, ugovaraju ovaj Aneks na osnovni Ugovor. Na Ugovor o pružanju servisa broj  od dana 25.12.2022. godine između gore navedenih Ugovorenih strana (u daljem tesktu osnovni...

By Administrator Stojanovic, Milan Vukic, Milan Vukic, Mladen Babic, Mateo Sudar, Katherine Flynn, Barbara Ruiz Bejarano

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By Milan Vukic, Administrator Stojanovic

    This document shows the required format and appearance of a manuscript prepared for SPIE journals. Please note that the following journals require the use of structured abstracts in manuscript submissions: Neurophotonics, the Journal of Biomedical Optics, and the Journal of Medical Imaging. Structured abstracts are encouraged for th...

By Petar Peric

A sustainable Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) requires collaboration among all actors, which nowadays is facilitated by information and communication technologies (ICT). However, not all SFSC stakeholders network with others in this way, and it is not clear what will draw them to ICT interaction. A simple, user-friendly website, the SMARTCHAIN Innov...

By Foteini Chrysanthopoulou, Marieke Lameris, Gunter Greil, Dusan Vudragovic

Short food supply chains (SFSCs) are alternative food chains that have gained ground and contribute to the global food system's sustainable transition. To explore how to enhance their capacity to act and benefit society at large, we turned to scholarly and policy work on Social Innovation (SI). We concentrated on understanding what SI in SFSCs is a...

By Eugenia Petropoulou, Theo Benos, Irini Theodorakopoulou, Constantine Iliopoulos, Alessandra Castellini, Vilma Xhakollari, Maurizio Canavari, Annarita Antonelli, Damiano Petruzzella

This paper explores the challenges in meeting the regulatory requirements of short food supply chains in 9 European countries based upon findings from the European H2020 3-year project "SMARTCHAIN". The assessments of the barriers that small food producers face in meeting different regulatory requirements are presented. Drawing on the results of 10...

By Lazar Živković, Mirjana B. Pešić, Hanna Schebesta, Viktor A. Nedović

Atmospheric cold plasma is an innovative, non-thermal technology. It has shown promising results for a broad range of food processing applications. On the basis of those facts, it has prompted growing attention in the scientific community.  This paper reviews the literature generation trends surrounding atmospheric cold plasma technology. A bi...

By Dragan Vujadinović

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